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Volume 4, Issue-1  

May, 2016


A Study on Nonverbal Communication in Cross-Culture
Ma Tiechuan

Key Strategies for Sustaining Open and Distance Learning in Depressed Socio-Economic Environments
Norman Rudhumbu & Jonathan Mswazie

Head Teachers Capacity Building and Availability of the Required Learning Resources for Effective Social studies Syllabus Change-- A Case of Nakuru County Kenya
Isaac G. Gitogo

Mathematics Learning Efficiency and Working Aural Musical Memory Training in Its Optimal Cognitive Maturity Age
Maria Dymnikowa

An Action Research on Classroom Teaching in English Medium
Renu Kumari Lama Thapa

Momentum and Contrarian Profitability: Insights from the Indian Stock Market under Alternative Approaches
Ms. Supriya Maheshwari1 & Prof. Raj S. Dhankar

















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