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Author's Guidelines

Authors are suggested to adhere to the following criteria:

Manuscript Layout:

The authors are expected to submit the manuscript in two separate files.

Coversheet that includes: (Please follow the order)

The second sheet includes:

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AJHSS accepts the manuscripts that are written in English language. Authors   can use either British or American English, but are suggested to avoid using a mixture of both. Authors must make sure that the manuscript is error free and to avoid the grammatical and spelling mistakes kindly proof-read the article before you submit.


All the references in the manuscripts should adhere to APA STYLE (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition, 2009). Some examples are given below.

Journals, Magazines, Newspapers in print format:                                            

Williams, J.H. (2008). Employee engagement: Improving participation in safety. Professional Safety, 53 (12), 40-45.

Yanovski, S.Z., & Yanovski, J.A. (2002). Drug theory: Obesity. The New England Journal of Medicine, 346, 591-602.


Author, X.Y. (year). Title of work. Location: Publisher.

Ritzer, G. , & Goodman, D.J. (2003). Sociological theory. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Online Journals:                                                                                             

Author, X.Y. , Author, W.Z. (year). Title of the article. Name of journal, volume (issue), page-page. doi: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Weaver, J.C. , & Munro, D. (2009). Country living, country dying: Rural suicides in new zealand, 1900-1950. Journal of Social History, 42(4), 933-961. doi: 10.1353/jsh/42.4.933

Note: if there is no doi you can write the web address.                                      

Author, X.Y. , Author, W.Z. (year). Title of the article. Name of journal, volume (issue), page-page. Retrieved from URL/Web address

Articles from an Online Magazine:                                                                  

Author, X. Z. (year, month date). Title of work. Name of Magazine, volume(issue), page-page. Retrieved from web address

Online Report from an NGO:                                                                         

Author, X.Z. (year). Title of work. Retrieved from web address

Online Report with no Author and Date:

Title of the report. (n.d.). Retrieved from web address

Reference Citations in Text:

Indirect Quotation with Parenthetical Citation:                                               


Intuitive approach is based on the learner’s ability to listen and imitate the rhythms as well as the sounds of the target language without intervention of any explicit information. (Murcia, Brinton and Goodwin, 1996)

Indirect Quotation with Author as a Part of the Narrative:                               


Murcia, Brinton, & Goodwin (1996) talks about two general approaches to the teaching of pronunciation…………….

Direct Quotation with Parenthetical Citation:                                                  

“What emerges strikingly about English is that by any of the above criteria it is prominent……..” (Quirk, Green baum, Leach, & Svartik, 1972, p.1)

Direct Quotation with Author as a Part of the Narrative:                                 

Quirk, Green baum, Leach, & Svartik (1972) explained “What emerges strikingly about English is that by any of the above criteria it is prominent………..” (p.1)

Citing Secondary Source:                                                                                 

Trubetzkoy (as cited in Rakas, 2008) illustrated……………………………….

(Note: in the reference page, authors are supposed to cite the secondary source not the original work)                                                                                    

Manuscript Format:

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Key Words:

Write a maximum of 8 key words that best describe your paper.

Review Process:

The manuscript submitted by the authors will be reviewed by an international committee of reviewers to ensure that the manuscript presents a standard quality research and original scientific work. The steps followed by AJHSS during the review process are given below. 

Processing Fee:

After the paper has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author will be asked to pay the article processing fee in order to manage the operating costs. Please find the fee structure below:

Normal Processing Fee: $ 75 (USD) up to 10 pages

SARC countries: $ 40 (USD) up to 10 pages

Note: The author is required to pay $ 5.0 (USD) for each additional page.


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