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Volume 1 - Issue 2

August 2013   


Being a Critical and Creative Thinker: A Balanced Thinking Mode
Kuan Chen Tsai

Comparison of Nepalese and Finnish Teachers' Perceptions of Good Teaching
Metsämuuronen T. Maria1 & Metsämuuronen Jari 1,2   

Modern Biotechnology: The Importance of Bioethics from Islamic Perspectives
 Norazmi Anas1, Engku Ahmad Zaki Engku Alwi2, Mohd. Hudzari Haji Razali3, Roose Nilawati Subki4, Norbaiyah binti Abd. Kadir5 

Perceptions of the Police in Two Nations: An Exploratory Study of Policing Views among Bangladeshi and U.S. College Students
Mahfuzul I. Khondaker1,  Eric G. Lambert2 & Yuning Wu3

Assessing Employee Satisfaction at the Zimbabwe Open University
Daniel Ndudzo

Organizational Culture in an ODL Context: Some Experiences from the Zimbabwe Open University
Daniel Ndudzo

Ethnicity, Conflict and Population Displacement in Northeast India
Mridula Dhekial Phukan

Sublimity of Thought and Expression in Mira Bai 

Anisha1 & Amrita Sharma2

The Genre and the Culture of Twentieth Century Crime Fiction and its Ascendancy on News and Media
J.John Sunil Manoah

Public Examinations and its Influence on the Botswana Educational System: Views of Undergraduate Education Students
at the University of Botswana
O.O Adedoyin

Addressing Concerns of Rate Payers for Effective Local Revenue Mobilization within Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies (MMDAS): The Case of New Juaben Municipal Assembly (NJMA)
Francis Ayensu

Managing Ghana's Oil Revenue: Ghana Petroleum Funds (Gpfs)
Francis Ayensu

Key Factors that Motivate Employees in an ODL Institution: Some Experience from the Zimbabwe Open University
Daniel Ndudzo

Assessing Learner Support Services at the Zimbabwe Open University
Daniel Ndudzo

Transformational Leadership in Open Distance Learning: A Key to Success
Mian Baqar Hussain Qureshi1 & Nuzhat Kalsoom Shahzadi2

Learning Transfer Types in National Dual Training System in Malaysia
Wan Mohd Rashid Wan Ahmad1,
Abdul Rasid Abdul Razzaq2, Mohamad Zaid Mustafa3, Azmi Ahmad4, Michael Gessler5, & Georg Spöttle6













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